Are you ready to adopt a German Shepherd?

In order to adopt from this Rescue, I would need you to complete an online application first. Preferably complete an application once you have your heart set on a particular German Shepherd.

Once the application is pre-approved, and you have met the dog of your choice, (which I call a "meet and greet session)". I would then need you to send me pictures inside/outside of your house, If I am not able to arrange a personal visit. Once the house check is complete please provide 2 letters of personal references stating that you would ensure a permanent, loving home for one of my rescued canines.

Please read the profiles of a rescued dog that is currently in need of a home. If I don't have one that would make an ideal fit to your home/lifestyle, I urge you to keep checking back.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance in your search for your next companion.

german shepherd


Please note: Adoption donations range from $100 - $450 . Adult German Shepherds ages between 1-5 Donations are normally set at $300, Donations for Puppies are usually between $350-$450 Depending on Age, Temperament and if proof of Bloodlines can be provided. Donations for Senior Shepherds are normally $100-$250. Again depending upon Age, and Personality.

The donations help us with the debts that are always incurred through vetting, medical expense, and overall care costs. We pride our rescue in taking the time to train and rehabilitate each German Shepherd based on their own specific behavioral needs.

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued German Shepherd! To proceed scroll down and complete the online application.

*** PLEASE NOTE--  When completing the application below, fields with a 'red' tag and questions that are BOLD, are REQUIRED.  Your Application WILL NOT process if they are not completed.  Thank you!  If you are not redirected to the home page with a message at the top that says "Thank you for your email", then your application did not process.  ***

**PLEASE BE PREPARED TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION WHEN STARTING** - For your security, it will automatically reset after 30 minutes of inactivity.  


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