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Special Thanks!
To my dedicated Volunteers that work so hard to ensure our German Shepherds find loving homes they deserve! Without you (you know who you are) You helped save so many precious Shepherds. You are such great advocates for the Rescue and for our furry friends that need a voice. I deeply thank you and I know they Thank you to

Thank you!

Ms. Bakley's Class for creating a Read A Thon to Raise Funds For

We so appreciate the $300.00! We acknowledge your hard work and dedication! Bravo To
Ms. Bakely's Class!




Thank you!
Walt and Cody for your support and financial contributions!


Thank you!

To The parents of Zeus with so much appreciation

for your financial contributions over the years and moral support!!!



Thank you!

Carol Christopherson, President of Florida Service Dogs, Inc. for being my mentor, my trainer, and my very good friend. Without you, there wouldn't be a rescue, not forgetting the much needed help and advice regarding our IRS 501c3 Status....

Thank you!

David Koppenhamer, Owner of Poochies Dog Park, Inc. (I hope I spelled your last name right)! For allowing me to use Poochies Dog Park as my Training Stomping Grounds and Meet and Greet Sessions for my adoptable dogs!


Thank you!

Clyde's dad for providing such an outstanding, loving home for clyde (That beautiful face on my logo) and for your kind words, and much needed financial contribution.

Hi Nila

Your web site is terrific. Congratulations. You have filled a lot of holes on my gift list with your T - shirts with Clyde's picture. I can't tell you how much he has meant to our home. He is without a doubt the best companion that I have ever had. Thank you again for what you do for these dogs. He got a complete Vet checkup the other day and received a clean bill of health. He was frightened of the fire works on the 4th of July, so we went to a quite part of the house and he calmed down and was OK. Here is a picture of Clyde. In his favorite position, on the couch.

thanks again



Thank you!

Officer Michael for submitting this Wonderful photo of Dutch! You are such a Great Dad and a very special adopter!


And a Very, Special Thank you to my beautiful daughter, Rhiannon who is always by my side.. I love you!


Thank you Dad, For your wisdom and guidance that always sustains me.
Not forgetting a Huge Thank you for those Adopters, again without you I wouldn't be able to carry on with my mission and life's purpose.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please Contact Me and I will email you a volunteer application.

Looking forward to having you join our wonderful family!

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